When Tom Holland Said Timothee Chalamet Is ‘Double Handsome’ Than Him But Harry Holland Would Lose It To Him & Gave A ‘Brutal’ Reply For Mark Wahlberg

Tom Holland, Tom Holland! (Photo Credits-Instagram/Twitter)

Spider-Man actor Tom Holland has dazzled fans ever since his appearance in the MCU films has become a heartthrob. Taking on the title of Spider-Man was a daunting task for the young boy but Tom Holland pulled it off with ease. Only if we ignore the MCU movie rumors or spoiler secrets.

However, with good looks, the actor recently revealed an actor thinks he is twice as handsome as he is. During a game show on LADbible TV, Tom Holland said he would lose to Dune Star Timothée Chalamet “Double Handsome”. Being from the generation of actors, both of them have emerged as youth sensations among the millennials. However, it is difficult to choose one when there are extremely talented and flamboyant superstars in both the worlds.

Afterwards, Tom Holland was asked who was more handsome, and his picture was held up to that of Uncharted costar Mark Wahlberg, who played Victor Sullivan in the film. Reflecting on his thoughts, Tom Holland said, “That was an unflattering picture of my son Mark. He’s a lovely man in person.

He later says, “Oops, I think I’m gonna win it.” As the ratings meter shows, 70% of the people have voted for Tom Holland. The other person behind the camera asks, “Any word for Mark?” To which Tom smiled and said, “That’s enough”. Finally, he says, “It’s too cruel”.

Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg An action-adventure film starrer “Uncharted” directed by Ruben Fleischer was a huge hit at the box office. The story follows two treasure hunters on a trail to find a fictional treasure lost 500 years ago. Being a video game movie, the film did not receive a good reception from critics, but the film did very well at the box office.

Uncharted is streaming on Netflix.

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