Who will star in the remake of Beverly Hills 90210? | Turkish Series: Teammy

Beverly Hills 90210

Good news for fans of youth TV shows! Ay Yapim is producing a remake of the popular American series ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ for Fox TV. What do we know about this project right now?

Youth TV shows in the past television seasons are of particular interest to Turkish audiences. After the great success of the series “For my family / Kardelerim” and the launch of two summer youth series “Dusty Shore” and “Here Me”, the producers are thinking about creating another youth project of the main television season.

Ay Yapim TV Company announced the upcoming adaptation of the cult American TV series “Beverly Hills 90210”. The screenwriter is Damla Serim (The Pit, The Bad Penny). Directed by Deniz Yorulmazar. According to well-known journalist Birsen Altuntas, the project is being prepared for Fox TV channel. Starring Mert Yazıcıoğlu, Hafsanur Sankakatutan and Aslahan Malbora. Negotiations are on with Ahsen Aroglu and Selahtin Pasali.

The company of Kerem Catay already has successful experience in creating a youth project. The series “Tide / Medसेzir”, which was released on Turkish screens in 2013-2015, has become one of the most important in the history of Turkish show business. It looks like Ay Yapim is planning to repeat the success with another remake of the American series. Whether they succeed, we will have to find out in the fall.