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Adil Chowdhary is one such star who is making waves in Pakistani dramas right now. For some time now he has been giving hit after hit. Her current drama Samjhauta is also being watched everywhere and people have loved her recently concluded show Fark. He is also a singer, though he has stopped singing for a few years. He has a huge fan following in Pakistan and India.

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Aadil was a guest on Rabia Anam’s Eid show along with his colleagues and friends Sidra Niazi, Usma Khan and Mariyam Nafees and he made some interesting revelations about her. Both his female co-stars Mariyam Nafees and Sidra Niazi feel that he is a typical man as he wants a wife who just stays at home.

Why Adil Chowdhary's friends think he is a special person

Maryam said that Adeel is a very simple man and he wants a homebody as his future wife who will take care of his house and his children. She should be able to cook well and he may take her with him for a trip abroad once or twice. Sidra Niyazi fully agreed with this view.

Why Adil Chowdhary's friends think he is a special person

This is what he shared:

Adil also shared the qualities he looks for in his future life partner: