Why Cansu Fırıncı left the series ‘Golden Boy’? | Turkish Series: Teammy

kansu firinki

turkish actor kansu firinki Has answered a question about his reasons for leaving the series “Golden Boy”. He clarified that the decision was made by both the parties and expressed his opinion to the production company, which agreed with him.

Initially, the project was conceived as a full-fledged thriller series, but with an increase in ratings, there was a transition to a love story, and the supporting characters did not receive proper development, becoming “furniture”. Cansu Fırıncı believes that such a role does not contribute to his acting career and has decided to leave the project. He said that he prefers to be a bright hero in a project with a weak rating than to humiliatingly stand as “furniture” in a super popular project with a high rating of 8-11%.