Why Hajra Yamin Agreed To Work With Mohsin Abbas Haider | Reviewit.pk

Hazra Yameen is bold, talented and opinionated. She always speaks her mind and never bows down to societal pressures. Though she has been a part of some great projects, she generally tries to take up roles that are different and offer something to the audience. He has done films like Pink Memsaab and recently signed up for a webseries Sevak which showed the real face of fascism in India. Hazra played the role of an Indian reporter named Vidya in the project.

The webseries also featured Mohsin Abbas Haider, who was canceled by the industry a few years back following domestic abuse allegations against his ex-wife. He lost almost his entire career and many people said that they would not work with him again. Recently, host Rabia Anam refused to sit with him in the morning show.

Why did Hazra Yameen agree to work with Mohsin Abbas Haider?

Hajra was recently asked in an interview why she agreed to work with Mohsin. To this she replied that there are only limited number of roles for women in our industry where she is playing a unique role and not a damsel in distress so she will never leave her professional place and if she gets a good role If so, she will take advantage of this opportunity. However, she may avoid attending award shows or events where such people who make allegations are given space and would consider doing something similar.

Why did Hazra Yameen agree to work with Mohsin Abbas Haider?

This is what he shared: