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Syed Mohammad Ahmed Sahab is a household name and we see him as a loving father figure in any drama on our television screens. Usually the characters introduced to him are very meek and die in the end. He has been in movies with Taking the Cake because the character was very strong in that. His Mateen Saab in Mere Paas Tum Ho is also a big hit.

He is these days seen as Saifi Dada aka Dadu Handsome in Ramzan drama Hum Tum and people are just loving the character. His flirtation, the way he loves and supports his granddaughters. But Mohammad Ahmed Sahab revealed that he initially hated playing the character. Mohamed Ahmed Sahab could not relate to his flashy shirt, flashy cap and his antics and thought he would look like a prankster.

Why Mohammad Ahmed hated playing Dadu Handsome in Hum Tum

The team of Hum Tum especially Ramsha helped him and now he is very comfortable with the character and is getting feedback from fans. He added that Ransha was very helpful during the shoot and helped build confidence for the character.

Why Mohammad Ahmed hated playing Dadu Handsome in Hum Tum

See how Mohamed Ahmed felt about Dadu Handsome’s personality: