Will Golden Boy be cancelled? | Turkish Series: Teammy

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Golden Boy

Above past tense Week, Turkey social network passed Reported One Scandal Include Gold boy Chain, which could lead To Display‘s ending, how exact Is it report good, And what Is Actual Situation,

last Week, Turkey Media Reported he the authorYouAlefromrain budAyICIOgLu Is unhappy With events in Gold boy Chain And Allegedly Wants To to take Distant Right To continue working On Display from Production company, moreover, mrs, YesYouAlefromrain Allegedly Till here Had a meeting With Management of Star TV Channel, by stating he he Was No Satisfied With script, On the same time, tabletOdds Without hesitation Specified To social Media users Who? gave them it information,

Well,familiar journalist, sina KOloYesLu, decision made To see in what Was Is happening, by stating he All information he YesYouAlefromrain budAyICIOgLu Allegedly the demands To Complete Gold boy Chain, As he Is dissatisfied With script, Is No truth, mrs, YesYouAlefromrain Takes One active Role in Development of script And makes Change On His Discretion, he Is Excessive Agreed in company he Production of Chain, And he pays attention To smallest Description, he Is never Express anyone dissatisfaction With Work of screenWriters.

it should Happen noted he YesYouAlefromrain budAyICIOgLu Can not, in Theory, to take Distant Right from company, As he Is One of the owners of heyGM pictures, which Production of Chain, It seems that all these crazy ideas are born in the imagination of fans of the show, who are not satisfied with the development of events. On the same time, ,Gold boy, Has sustained To Happen majority of popular TV Chain in turkey, prominent ratings, it Resource he its producers Huh No In college Satisfied With Everything he Happens, but Huh Very Happy about result,