Will Hande Erçel & Can Yaman star in the Disney Plus series? | Turkish Series: Teammy

Hande Ercel and Yemen can

Unexpected news for fans of Hande Erçel. According to the Turkish press, she could become the new co-star of Can Yemen. What do we know about this project right now?

Preparations for Ay Yapim’s series continue for the digital platform Disney Plus “The Turk/El Turco” starring Cain Yemen. The project is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Orhan Yeniyars. The director is Uluk Beraktar. Written by Carem Darren.

According to the Turkish press, Hande Ercel, who signed an exclusive deal with Disney Plus, received an offer from the company of Kerem Sete to co-star in Can Yemen. In addition, journalists assure that Hande liked the script in principle and is now agreeing to the terms of work.

However, earlier there was information that Cain’s co-stars in the project could be world-famous foreign stars. Which of the journalists will be right and who will play with the star of the series “The Daydreamer” in the show dedicated to events in the Italian village Turk The Siege of Vienna, we’ll find out very soon.