Will Pinar Deniz continue working on the TV show “The Trial”? | Turkish Series: Teammy

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Good news for fans of the TV show “The Trial/Yargi”! The series will return for a third season on Channel D. Will the lead actress, Pinar Deniz, be in it?

Due to elections on 14 May, Channel D plans to air the final 63rd episode of “The Trial/Yargi” on 7 May. In the final episode, viewers will say goodbye to Yurdar Okur, who plays the chief prosecutor. It was officially announced that the show will be renewed for an additional season by TV Channel D and the company Ay Yapim.

However, Pinar Deniz is not allowed to participate in any projects that are not produced by Disney or FOX due to his contract with Disney+. Pinar however has been approved by Fox management to participate in the third season of the show, which will still be aired on Channel D, thanks to Ay Yapim’s contacts. It will be interesting to see how Fox TV benefits from such generosity. Maybe a new income Yapim series with good conditions?