Will Rogers Pioneers Assistance Fund Offers Aid To Hurricane Victims

Will Rogers Pioneers Assistance Fund Theatrical distribution and exhibition workers, as well as any area vendors who were affected or displaced by Hurricanes Ian and Fiona in Florida and Puerto Rico.

Fund, which recently raised $1.5 million its black-tie The gala honoring James Bond franchise creators Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson is also omitting the requirement that aid recipients must have worked at least five years in the business.

Hurricane Ian Close to 80 Movie Houses Throughout Tampa, Orlando, the Florida Panhandle and the southwestern parts of the state, while Hurricane Fiona closed an unknown number of theaters in Puerto Rico. To date, the fund has received over 130 submissions for hurricane assistance.

Individuals who have worked in theatrical performance and distribution for less than five years and vendors who specifically serve any area receive a one-time emergency stipend of $100 to help cover the cost of basic necessities are eligible to do. People who have worked more than five years in a business who need additional assistance may be eligible for further assistance.

Before assistance is given, the fund will verify the employment status of each applicant. To apply for assistance, click here,