Wonder Women Movie Review: Anjali Menon Gives Women A Cape As They Make Vulnerability Their Superpower

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Star Cast: Naidia Moidu, Nithya Menon, Parvathy, Padmapriya, Amrita SubhashArchana Padmini, Signora Philip.

the director: Anjali Menon.

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What’s good: Menon understands the essence of strangers coming together and forming a bond beyond family. It shows this time also.

What’s worse: In an attempt to make it crisp, she ends up chopping it too many and this makes the product not as good as it is supposed to be.

Loo Break: It’s a short, simple, effective film about women coming together and bonding, you won’t need it.

View or not?: Despite some flaws, the film is definitely worth a watch. It has the most prolific names and some amazing performances.

Language: A classic mix! (with subtitles).

Available at: Sony Liv.

runtime: 79 min.

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6 Pregnant women join prenatal classes to understand the new phase of their life. The experience changes things beyond just bringing a life into the world and also becomes a liberating door.

wonder woman movie review
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Wonder Woman Movie Review: Script Analysis

When a woman conceives, it is the entire ecosystem around her that is expecting the child. The way everyone sees it may be different, but the goal is for the child to be born regardless of the motivations. Anjali Menon, a writer who loves to explore tense or unpredictable relationships, knows what her superpowers are. She practices them even as she lets 6 women from different walks of life come together in an almost elite setup, navigate life and walk towards bringing new life into the world.

Written by Menon, Wonder Woman is a direct nod to the superhero context, a short story that’s more personal than universal and consequential only for those who live it. Scripts are mostly written inside the four walls but the greatest process of the universe, ‘the creation of life’, is such a great metaphor. Every woman brings life into this world by putting herself at risk, and the journey is very unique for each one of them. On her plate, she tries to weave a narrative that talks about modern parenting, patriarchal visions, late pregnancy, single parenting, and the trauma that sometimes follows life’s happiest news. is and so on.

While there is a lot happening in a runtime that is very little, Menon is never really in a hurry to prove a point and do something. She lets her characters breathe. So when Amrita Subhash’s Jaya breaks down when her husband admits that getting a child out of her womb was once his priority, but now it’s his, and he wants her beyond everything else, you’re in your bones. Feel those tears. Because here is a woman, who was not equipped enough to express her feelings earlier and has lived a bottled up life till now, thinking that a baby will solve all her problems by standing in front of her man and Will accept his ability. Such a beautiful sight.

Menon sprinkles Wonder Woman with beautiful characters who don’t look at any character with sympathy but have all the love and sympathy for them. It could also be the result of a woman telling a woman’s story, but it’s nice to see that something personal is being talked about.

However there are things that reduce the effect. The runtime is so crisp that it feels unfinished. While Menon manages not to let this affect her storytelling, it does somehow. For example, some complex characters get rid of it so quickly and suddenly that you wish they had gotten over it in a harder or more satisfying way. Take one character’s patriarchal mother-in-law, for example, she agrees to be nice within minutes by hitting up a very good fight.

Similar is the case with the characters played by Nithya and Parvathy, as they get an arc and it gets resolved very smoothly.

Wonder Woman movie review: Star performance

The women who come together in Wonder Woman are powerhouse performers in their respective industries. To say that they do the job very well would be an understatement as they pull off their parts with aplomb. When Subhash as Jaya is intimidated by the new world she is made to join, there is no actor but a breath-taking fictional character that feels real. Like Mini of Parvati who remains silent most of the time but makes food her gateway. That sigh when she takes a bite of food can’t be just acting.

Nadia as Nandita is very easy in everything she touches. Padmapriya, Sayanora and Archana all play their roles with sincerity and warmth.

wonder woman movie review
(Photo courtesy- A still from Wonder Woman)

Wonder Woman Movie Review: Direction, Music

Anjali Menon understands this time she is making her films very well. Like how the Ustad Hotel exploited the jungle to escape the youth and their guests or how bangalore days Explores friendship without the factory-made drama. Here she is well aware that her cinema is no longer catering to a niche audience but to the entire country and the world at large. So she doesn’t pretend to write parts for actors across the industry, but gives them enough characters to play.

She is speaking to her audience through her cinema and it is quite evident.

Wonder Woman Movie Review: The Last Word

Wonder Woman comes with her own set of faults but nothing is really what owns her heart. A warm and simple story packed with confession, love and hope.

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wonder Women Releasing on November 18, 2022.

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