WWE: Bray Wyatt Killing Many Babyfaces & Doing More Harm Than Good Triggered His Release?

Bray Wyatt in talks with WWE (Photo Credits: Instagram)

The release of Windham Rotunda aka Bray Wyatt from WWE is one of the most talked about things in the pro-wrestling world. It’s been almost a year since Wyatt was released and we keep hearing some heated talks about him. The latest claims that are pouring in are actually somewhat unexpected.

It’s July 31st Wyatt was released after his 12-year association with the company. This was a big blow not only to WWE fans but also to those who follow pro-wrestling closely. Be it his high salary for weight issues, many reasons came up in the debate over his release. Now, the latest one we hear is doing more harm than good for the company.

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, Bray Wyatt was definitely a big star but he killed many babyfaces in WWE. “You could argue for Bray Wyatt to be a big star, and he was absolutely a big merchandiser. You could even argue that he was not successful. I know people out there who have argued that ‘Oh, he’s one of the hottest guys. He sold a lot of merchandise,'” Meltzer said.

Dave Meltzer continued, “He was fired for reasons that had nothing to do with the finish or not, and had nothing to do with his gimmicks. He was fired because of those things.” that I probably shouldn’t be talking about, so I’m not going to start a box of worms. It has nothing to do with it. He also had health issues as far as keeping him out of action and everything like that.”

“The argument against them was that, you know, with the exception” Daniel BryanEveryone who worked with him was destroyed by him, and left [expletive], He had to rebuild and he had to heal,” he said of how Bray Wyatt proved to be detrimental to Babyface in WWE.

Only Bray Wyatt knows the truth and we are definitely ready to hear his side!

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