WWE: Vince McMahon Forced A Female Wrestler To Have Oral S*x With Him, Signed $7.5 Million Agreement With Her?

More trouble for WWE’s Vince McMahon (Photo Credits-Twitter)

Vince McMahon, the former chairman and CEO of WWE, continues to be clouded by controversies. The man was always in the news for some negative reasons, be it his decisions or the backstage heat. However, his alleged sexual relationship with former employees has caused him irreparable harm.

Over the past month, there have been reports of McMahon having sex with a former female employee at WWE. Reportedly, he paid the employee a huge amount and even signed a non-disclosure agreement. However, when it came to know that there could be more such cases, the matter got complicated.

Vince McMahon has resigned as chairman and CEO as the investigation continues. Amidst all this trouble, a Wall Street Journal report has shocked everyone as it said that Vince paid as much $12 million to four women Connected to WWE, as a part of a deal to keep his mother from being sexually abused by him.

One of these four women was a former WWE wrestler. She was forced to have oral sex by Vince McMahon and in return, he signed a deal with her for $7.5 million. In addition, a few more deals were signed to keep her sexual relationship a secret.

Meanwhile, Vince McMahon was asked to step down as CEO after the investigation began and reports of sexual misconduct surfaced. “I have pledged my full cooperation to the investigation by the special committee, and I will do everything possible to support the investigation,” he said in an official statement.

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