Sunday, October 24, 2021

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    Yasra Rizvi Spoke Against Arranged Marriages and Divorce Shaming in Pakistan

    Yasra Rizvi is a Pakistani actress and writer. She played the female lead in several television productions including Mann Ke Moti, Woh Dobara, Thora Sa Aasam and Ustani Ji. In her acting career, she is known for her portrayal of women in challenging situations.

    Actress Yasra Rizvi has shared some pictures on Instagram about the embarrassment of forced marriage and divorce.

    in different pictures, yasra rizwick Can be seen dressed in red wedding dress, wearing henna in hands and sitting in chains.

    The actress wrote in her post that whether to marry or not is an important and personal decision of any person’s life, it is also the fundamental right of every person to decide who, how and why and if there is any mistake in taking this decision. Is. And if voluntary marriage becomes an unpleasant experience, ending it is a basic human right.

    The actress said that it is not a western agenda but personal freedom which every religion and every law gives to everyone under common sense because the deepest effect of any marriage is on the person getting married.

    In her post, the actress termed forced marriage and divorce as a clear attack on human rights. The actress also demanded to stop this situation in her post.

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