Monday, October 25, 2021

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    Yasra Rizvi’s Recent Campaign Highlights Bitter Reality Of Society |

    Yasra Rizvi is a Pakistani actress and writer. She played the female lead in several television productions including Mann Ke Moti, Woh Dobara, Thora Sa Aasam and Ustani Ji. In her acting career, she is known for her portrayal of women in challenging situations.

    Actress Yasra Rizvi, who often speaks out against the stigma surrounding love marriages, has now shared disturbing pictures of herself with shackles around her neck and hands, visibly indicating that arranged marriages are a necessity. What does forced marriage look like under cover.

    In a series of posts, the actor emphasized on marriage being a decision, which needs to be done by two people. Even if one marries a person of his choice, he is not punished with life imprisonment. Dressed as a bride with bad make-up and broken hair, photos show Yasra lying down in fear or crawling on the floor while being pulled over by someone else. In the caption of one of these pictures, she writes, “To get married or not is a personal choice. Everyone has the right to decide whom, when and how they want to marry.”

    The Dunk actor further adds, “And if a person takes a wrong decision, it is heartbreaking to see the marriage, then it is also his right to terminate it. This is not a western agenda but a law and a right given by all religions, based on common sense. After all, only the persons involved in the marriage deal with the consequences.”

    Fellow actresses including Sarwat Geelani and Ghana Ali expressed their support for the campaign under the comments section.

    Yasra Rizvi's recent campaign throws light on the bitter reality of society

    Yasra Rizvi's recent campaign throws light on the bitter reality of society

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