Zubab Rana Passes A Controversial Statement About Pakistani Actresses | Reviewit.pk

Fashion and style go hand in hand with the entertainment industry. People of showbiz not only act but also set fashion trends. Pakistani actors and actresses have greatly improved their style sense over the past decade, but we still see a lot of criticism from the fashion quarter whenever an event takes place. Zubab Rana also had something to say about the style sense of the actresses of the industry.

Jubab Rana is a beautiful face and her style sense is also quite different. While making a guest appearance on Express Entertainment’s Ramzan telecast, she was asked which actress is the most stylish in Pakistan. To this, he said that he does not think that anyone has a style statement in Pakistan. However, she feels that Sonya Hussain looks good most of the time.

Jubab Rana made a controversial statement about Pakistani actresses

Watch Zubab give two cents on Pakistani actresses’ style sense: